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Benefits for Terra Dotta Clients

  • Overwhelmed with maintaining hundreds of provider programs?
  • Tired of scouring the provider's site for the information you need?
  • Frustrated with endless copying and pasting and proofing?
Help is here in the form of the Terra Dotta Provider Directory.

How does the Directory save time and energy?

You don't create brochures, the provider does.  You don't have to dig around for program locations and dates, they appear in Directory updates along with other helpful information like subject areas, GPA requirements, housing options, and language of instruction.

You get automatic notifications of program changes. You click to review the new content, and, with one more click, your brochure is updated.

You can download all available updates at once, pick and choose which aspects of a program you wish to update, and much more.

What if I don't want to update all programs a provider offers?

You do not have to update all programs offered by a provider. Simply place a checkmark next to each program that you want to update.

What if there is a program that I don't see in the list?

If you don't see the program you're looking for, contact the provider directly. Once the program is published to Directory, it will become available to you.

What if we want to market our programs to external students?

If your institution uses Terra Dotta software and your programs are open to external students, you can enjoy the benefits of both provider and client.  You can publish your programs from your Terra Dotta software database directly to the Directory, making them available to all Terra Dotta software users.  See the 'Publishing your program to the Directory' section of our Knowledgebase article on Using the Provider Directory.

If you are not currently using Terra Dotta software, visit our website to learn more and request a personal demonstration of the software and the Provider Directory.