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Program Providers

Is The Provider Directory for you?

  • Do you market international programs to students or institutions?
  • Do you sponsor programs abroad for study, work, internships or service learning?
  • Are you a university that offers its programs to external students?

If you see yourself in this list, read on.  The Terra Dotta Provider Directory has something for you.

Why Use The Terra Dotta Provider Directory?

  • Marketing.  Your programs will be available for inclusion in the program catalogs of over 500 colleges and universities that use Terra Dotta software.

  • Networking.  You can readily establish relationships with Terra Dotta users who enjoy the automated delivery of your program information to their students.

  • Efficiency.  Once your program updates are posted in the Directory, they will be immediately available for download by Terra Dotta institutions.

  • Security. Your information is maintained in a secure environment. Only you can enter and modify your program information.

  • Peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that Terra Dotta clients are using accurate, up-to-date information about your programs.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply fill out a Directory Enrollment Form.  We'll take a look at your form and determine if your organization is a good fit for the Directory site. For example, if your programs target primarily high school students, then we would not recommend the Directory; most of Terra Dotta's clients are higher education institutions. Once we review the form and approve your organization, each authorized user will then receive secure login credentials so they can start posting information on this site. 

How Do I Enter My Program Information?

To get started, you may wish to look at the following video tutorials:

Questions?  Please contact us at